Escape the 'Acoustic Asylum' by listening to Dan Thorpe's brand new Podcast below

If the guitar leaves you feeling mad, frustrated, or like you want to tear your hair out, this podcast is for you. 

Dan Thorpe specialises in teaching beginner guitarists who are learning later on in life how to reach their guitar playing goals, how to have more fun on the guitar, and how to do so without feeling like they are going to end up in the "Acoustic Asylum". 

Join us to learn plenty of simple tips, tricks, and motivating stories to help you on your guitar-playing journey.

Reviews For the Acoustic Asylum Podcast

Acoustic Asylum Reviews

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I have never listed to a podcast before, Acoustic Asylum is my very first Podcast and I love it! Super helpful and supportive to my guitar journey and very funny. I love your stories, jokes, and comparisons, especially the old movies and shows. I am so glad I have followed you the past few years! Everything you do, DTAA, email posts, Podcast, ebooks, and hard copy books, have been tremendous support and I have learned and progressed so much with guitar AND theory. Thank you for all you do and offer!

nancy saber


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